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Top Styler

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When it comes to the different hair styling tools, then Telebrands Top Styler is one of the best products available in the market till date. Now you can have the
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    When it comes to the different hair styling tools, then Telebrands Top Styler is one of the best products available in the market till date. Now you can have the professionally styled beautiful hair right at your home. The Top Styler provides 3 in 1 functionalities as Volumizer, hair straightener and a curling iron. This hair styling product features the specially crafted ceramic prismatic crystal shells.

    These specially designed ceramic shells are produced from the fusion of certain Tourmaline materials. The main purpose of these shells is to regulate the controlled amount of heat and ions to produce the desired manageable hair.

    The Telebrands Top Styler has totally changed the traditional way of hair styling. The ceramic tourmaline shells first surround the hair and then distribute the heat evenly throughout the hair. As you know that there are many hair styling product that damages the hair, but you do not have to worry in the case of top styler. This is so, because it does not heat the root of the hair, instead it distributes the heat evenly and this results in longer duration than the other hair curling products.

    Now you can have your dream style in seconds without causing any damage to the hair by using the Telebrands Top Styler. The best thing of the top styler is that the hair is allowed to cool in the specially designed C-shell, so they remained in the style for longer durations. The curl obtained from the Top Styler will remain for a longer time than any other hair styling product available in the market. Moreover, all the waves and curls formed by the Top Styler looks like 100% natural.

    The main thing of the Top Styler is that is distributing the heat evenly right from the hair root to the hair strand. All the users can also set the heating temperature by themselves according to the mode of requirement. Moreover, it heats up in seconds so you do not have to wait longer to style your hair. This hair straightening device can form a variety of curls from the wraps to baggy curls.

    The Telebrands Top Styler comes with a dedicated appealing purple color carrying case. This hair styling should be the integral part of any beauty salon, hair parlor and homes. Don’t waste a minute more to grab this product from the company of Telebrands Pakistan.

    Additional Features of the Telebrands Top Styler:

    1. Impressive hair styling product
    2. Temperature can bet adjusted by the users
    3. It contains 5 normal C Shells for compact body wraps
    4. It contains 10 large C Shells for insecure body wraps
    5. It is accompanied by two stylish Hair Wrapping Combs
    6. It comes with 14 different sharp wave styling clips

    Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Top Styler:

    What you will get?

    1 x Top Styler

    5 x Normal C-Shells

    10 x Large C-Shells

    1 x Instruction Manual

     آرڈر کرنے  اور مزید تفصیل کے لئے مندرجہ ذیل نمبروں پر کال کریں

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