Split Ender Trimmer

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Split Ender Trimmer

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It is a fact that the both men and women are conscious about their hair hairstyle. The main problem such individuals faced is the problem of the split ends. The
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    It is a fact that the both men and women are conscious about their hair hairstyle. The main problem such individuals faced is the problem of the split ends. The split ends is basically the problem of splitting the hair into two or three strands. These strands continue to grow up to the root if left unnoticed. This problem can really affect the personality of an individual. The best known remedy for such hair is to cut them. If you are also experiencing such problems, then you can use a product for your purpose as the Telebrands Split Ended Trimmer.

    The Telebrands Split Ended Trimmer is a product designed to detect and cut the split ends when applied. The device features a patented hair plate that features a strands guard in which you have to treat your hair. The strand guards help to flow the hair thoroughly in and out in a uniform pattern. If the strand guard detects any split ends, then it will work by cutting the ends of the hair that has split ends. It will not put any affect on the overall health and length of the hair strands.

    The Telebrands Split Ended Trimmer is perhaps the safest and effective method to get rid of split ends in considerably less amount of time. Moreover, this process is 10 times faster than cutting the split ends manually with blades or scissor. The Telebrands Split Ended Trimmer not only removes the split ends, but it will also remove the damaged, brittle and broken hair with great accuracy in minutes.

    The Telebrands Split Ended Trimmer is powered by a four AAA batteries, you will have to arrange the batteries on your own, because you wouldn't get these with the package. This feature also enables the user to take this gadget with them along with on distant journey.

    Please note that the Telebrands Split Ended Trimmer will only snips the end of the hair and it will not affect the length of the hair by any means, so you don’t have to worry about anything. After treating your hair with the Telebrands Split Ended Trimmer, you experience the untouched, beautiful and shiny hair that you always desired for.

    The Telebrands Split Ended Trimmer could be the best hair gadget for homes, beauty parlors, hair salons, Spa center and so on. All the beauty conscious women should use this versatile product to always get the stylish and glamorous look. This unique hair companion is marketed in Pakistan by not only than the official franchise of the Telebrands Pakistan. You can easily place order of this product by calling to the number 0333-4115583 or you can also place order by using the online portal of the Telebrands Pakistan.

    Additional Specifications of the Telebrands Split Ended Trimmer:

    1. Versatile split end trimmer that only snips the split ends
    2. Safer, faster and easier than the conventional bladed or scissor
    3. Use is very simple
    4. Lightweight
    5. Portable
    6. Rechargeable

    Technical Specs of the Telebrands Split Ender Hair Trimmer:

    1. Dimensions: 30.1 x 12.7 x 16 cm (Length x Width x Height)
    2. Weight: 1220 Grams (approx.)

    Package Contains:

    1 x High Quality Split Ender Trimmer

    1 x Sectioning Clips

    1 x Cleaning Brush

    1 x Instruction Manual

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