Spiral Potato Slicer

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Spiral Potato Slicer

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A number of health care professionals from around the world are of the view that the healthier diet involves more fresh vegetables. But vegetables are not always much appealing to
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    A number of health care professionals from around the world are of the view that the healthier diet involves more fresh vegetables. But vegetables are not always much appealing to the users each time. Now you can use a unique product of its kind as the Telebrands Potato Spiral Slicer. This product makes the whole process of eating and cutting vegetables, especially potato just like a fun.

    The Telebrands Potato Spiral Slicer allows even the kids to create long spirals of potato in minutes. You can use these spirals for a number of recipes, especially for the French fries. Now you do not need to pass through the tiresome phase of manually peeling the potato next time you want to enjoy potato chips. This process is very fast and making a spiral from one piece of potato or any other vegetable, usually takes not more than a minute in any case. Users can even adjust the thickness of the vegetables to be cut.

    The Telebrands Potato Spiral Slicer is crafted from the highest quality durable plastic and has two slicing blades that assist in a quick spiral cutting of any vegetable. Apart from potato, the Spiral Slicer can also be used for the cutting of other vegetables as cucumber, carrot, Daikon Radish, onion and so on. Now you can prepare full plates of mouth-watering salad in minutes. Just imagine how long it would take to cut these vegetables manually by yourself for salads and any other purposes?

    The Telebrands Spiral Potato Slicer can be used to prepare salads, spaghetti, soups or any other imaginative way. The real secret of this kitchen product is that it is just like a fun to eat farm fresh vegetables every time and to develop a healthier diet. The slicer is equipped with a stainless steel blades that doesn’t corrode or damages with the exposure of water. The Slicer can also be washed after the cutting operation to remove any remnant of the vegetables that stick on the blade of the slicer.

    The Telebrands Potato Spiral Slicer is a must have product for home kitchens, hotels, fast food restaurant, BBQ and so on. In order to purchase this product, you have to call the customer service department of the Telebrands Pakistan at 0333-4115583. You can also visit the office for the same purpose.

    How to use the Telebrands Potato Spiral Slicer?

    The use of the Slicer is very easy. Just read the following steps for further information:

    1. First of all, you have to clean the slicer from any type of external vegetables from the deposits of cutting vegetables
    2. In the next step, just slide and fix the vegetable at one end of the slicer.
    3. In the third step, push the other slide in a forward position and keep moving on until the cutting of vegetable starts
    4. Now the vegetable will start cutting in the spiral shape
    5. Keep continue the process until all there is no vegetable left hanging
    6. You can even mount the vegetable on the Bar B Q rod to make the fresh Bar B Q right in your homes
    7. Don’t forget to wash the slicer at the end
    8. You have successfully used the Vegetable Slicer

    Additional Features of the Telebrands Potato Spiral Slicer:

    1. Multipurpose product to make the spiral sliced vegetables
    2. Lightweight, compact and portable
    3. Blades are made from food grade stainless steel
    4. Simple and easy to use and clean
    5. Washable
    6. No chances of injuries
    7. Made from durable and reliable plastic
    8. Easy assembling and disassembling
    9. Thickness of peeling can be adjusted
    10. Heavy duty metal base with solid suction cup

    Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Potato Spiral Slicer:

    1. Color: Red
    2. Weight: 450 Grams
    3. Dimensions: 10.63 x 4 x 2.4 Inches (L x W x H)

    What you will get with the Package?

    1 x Potato Spiral Slicer

    Note: Rs.200 delivery charges would be applied additionally.

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