Snuggie Blanket

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Snuggie Blanket

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This is a fact that the utilities of natural gas and heating oil can cripple the budget of any small, medium or large sized family. In order to avoid this
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    This is a fact that the utilities of natural gas and heating oil can cripple the budget of any small, medium or large sized family. In order to avoid this scenario, a lot of individuals prefer to wear warmer and thicker clothes in order to keep their avoid such huge expenses. If you are also looking alternate ways to control your heating expenses, then Telebrands has a product exclusively for individuals like you. You have often seen the advertisements of the Telebrands Snuggie Blanket on TV. The Telebrands Snuggie Blanket is basically a comfortable and soft blanket with large sleeves built in. The indigenous design of the Blanket allows you to stay warm and comfortable all the time. The best thing is that you can walk and move freely while wearing the blanket. You can also grab what you need while wearing it. This multi-purpose blanket is design to use not only in indoor conditions, but it can also be used for several outdoor purposes as well. You can even take the blanket to the football match and you will amazed to see that you can still cheer your favorite soccer team, while staying cozy and warm, even in cold conditions. The color of the blanket is a dark blue color, so it also offers an appealing look to the eyes. You can also give the Telebrands Snuggie Blanket to your loved ones as a birthday gift. The Telebrands Snuggie Blanket comes in one universal size that fits all. If Telebrands Snuggie Blanket gets dirty with the passage of time, then there is nothing to worry, because you can also wash this blanket like an ordinary blanket to get rid of any deposits of dust and dirt. After washing, the Snuggie blanket will like the new and new blanket as the day you bought it. You wouldn’t find another wearable item in this capacity that helps to stay comfortable and warm for longer durations. The Telebrands Snuggie Blanket can be a great option for all the individuals who often find it difficult to pay a whopping amount of utility bills of heating. Telebrands Pakistan is the only and official vendor and distributor of Telebrands Snuggie Blanket in Pakistan. You can easily place the order just by calling the helpline on 0333-4115583. How to use the Telebrands Snuggie Blanket? The use of the Snuggie Blanket is very easy. You just have to wear the blanket and after that you have to adjust the lengths of sleeves and that’s all. Additional Features of the Telebrands Snuggie Blanket:
    1. Multipurpose and versatile wearable Blanket
    2. One size that fits all
    3. Made of soft polyester fleece
    4. Attractive color and quality
    5. Allows complete freedom of movement
    6. Keep warm for longer durations
    Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Snuggie Blanket:
    1. Size (Approx): 71 x 54 Inches (L x W) 
    2. Measure of Sleeves: 30 x 11 Inches
    3. Length of Collars: 8 Inches
    4. Total Weight: 0.64 Kgs (Approx.)
    5. Available Color: Blue
    What is included in the Package of Telebrands Snuggie Blanket? 1 x Telebrands Snuggie Blanket 1 x Press N Open Booklight

    آرڈر کرنے اور مزید تفصیل کے لئے مندرجہ ذیل نمبروں پر کال کریں

    0321.4115583  - 0333.4115583

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