Shake n Take Blender Pro

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Shake n Take Blender Pro

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The Shake n Take is unique, versatile and multipurpose blender that can quickly turns vegetables, fruits and other edible items into nutrient-rich and delicious smoothies. The Shake n Take is
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    The Shake n Take is unique, versatile and multipurpose blender that can quickly turns vegetables, fruits and other edible items into nutrient-rich and delicious smoothies. The Shake n Take is extremely easy to use and you can get the nutritious drinks in just a couple of minutes. The secret of the Shake n Take lies in the powerful heavy-duty motor. This heavy capacity motor has 300 watts that can crush almost any edible item in a blink of a second. This powerful motor can even crush the ice in no time. So you can also use the blender as a dedicated ice crusher.

    The Telebrands Shake n Take is accompanied by a multipurpose transparent sports bottle and flips top straw. This convenient air tight flip straw can preserve the delicious content inside the bottle and it can almost act as a blessing for sportsmen, gym goers and for adventurous enthusiasts. As the bottle is transparent, so you can always keep your eye on the content of your favorite delicious drink. For more convenience and flexibility, this easy-to-clean bottle also saves your cleanup time and effort. The bottle has an ample capacity of 500 ml, which means you can enjoy loads of refreshing and delicious drinks each time. This easy to use machine can fulfill all your smoothie needs in an efficient manner.  

    The hygienic Shake n Take smoothie maker is manufactured from high-quality food grade plastic and stainless-steel blades. So you can enjoy your favorite refreshing drinks each time without any worry. This multipurpose blender can prove to be an instant breakfast solution for all those individuals who are always on the move. Furthermore, this unique blender can turn out to be the instant solution for all the busy moms who always haven’t much time to prepare mouth-watering and finger-licking drinks for their kids. So what are you waiting for? Order your very own protein shake from Telebrands now!

    Please note that in order to prevent the overheating of the motor, it is recommended not to use the juicer continuously for 20 seconds in a single session. It is highly recommended to switch off the device for 10 seconds to start the operation again.

    How to operate the Telebrands Shake n Take?

    The blender can be used by the following steps:

    1. In the first step, you have to clean the transparent bottle and flips top straw to remove the traces of any residues of previous drink
    2. In the second step, you have to mount the transparent bottle on the blender assembly and plug in the wall socket
    3. Now the machine should be activated, un-mount the plastic bottle again from the assembly to stop the operation
    4. Repeat this cycle until all the edible items are completely blended and the drink gives a uniform color
    5. Now remove the bottle from the main blender assembly and close the air tight flips top
    6. You drink is now ready for use
    7. You are done

    Additional Specifications of Telebrands Shake n Take:

    1. Powerful juice blender with transparent sports bottle
    2. Comes with convenient straw flip
    3. Plastic bottle made from high-quality food grade plastic
    4. Can also be used as the ice crusher
    5. Quick and instant solution for hunger
    6. Blend and drink from the same multi-purpose bottle
    7. Heavy duty plastic
    8. Ultra-durable base with heavy-duty motor
    9. Stainless steel blades
    10. Smoothie maker can be started by just mounting the plastic bottle on the assembly

    Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Shake n Take:

    1. Multipurpose Juicer
    2. Capacity of Transparent Bottle: 16 Oz / 0.5 L
    3. Motor Power: 300 watts
    4. Voltage: 220 V
    5. Dimensions of Motor Base: 10 x 14.5 x 9.5 cm ( L x W x H)
    6. Dimensions of Travelling Bottle: 23 x 7 cm ( L x W x H)
    7. Weight of Blender Assembly: 680 Grams
    8. Weight of Bottle: 125 Grams
    9. Color: Blue and White

    Note: The bottle is not recommended for hot beverages.

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