Royal Posture Back Support Belt

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Royal Posture Back Support Belt

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Royal Posture is basically an ergonomically designed belt designed for the correction of body posture naturally. This belt is made from the adjustable stuff and it is suitable for both
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    Royal Posture is basically an ergonomically designed belt designed for the correction of body posture naturally. This belt is made from the adjustable stuff and it is suitable for both males and females.

    All the problems related to the bad posture can affect the performance of different parts of the body. This problem is mainly caused by the different range of things. A number of individuals have developed bad habits when sleeping, eating, walking, sitting and even standing. These habits can develop after a long time and it is not very easy to get rid of such habits in less amount of time. The striking thing is that a majority of people don’t even realize that such poor posture can contribute to poor health. There are a number of products available in the market and some are good, while others are not up to the mark. Telebrands Pakistan has got such product in its stock as the Telebrands Royal Posture.

    The Telebrands Royal Posture in Pakistan is basically a unique ergonomic back supporting belt that helps to gently align your spine and helps to relieve from the pain caused by poor posture. Moreover, this belt also supports the neck and lower back of the user.  This belt can really do the job and can ease the burden of user considerably. The belt has designed in a way that it automatically corrects the body posture of any individual according to his/her natural posture.

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    This unique and useful product can also improve the circulation of blood, straight the belly rolls and it also provide relief from the muscle ache. This belt can equally be worn by not only men, but women also. You can also drive your car while wearing this belt without any problem. All the users will definitely feel the difference after wearing the Telebrands Royal Posture right from the first day. All the users will feel more energized after wearing the back supporting belt.

    The Telebrands Pakistan Royal Posture is crafted from high quality nylon, neoprene and cotton blend. This stuff can automatically adjust itself according to the shape of the body. Moreover, the fabric is quite breathable and it doesn’t cause any irritation to the user while wearing it. In fact, the user can even forget that he/she has worn this belt actually. This belt almost sticks to the body and it is virtually undetectable under the clothes. Furthermore, this fabric is very comfortable and comes with adjustable straps.

    As, the Telebrands Royal Posture Pakistan is made from fabric, so it can be easily washed, if needed. The company recommends that this fabric should be washed by hand in lukewarm water with mild detergent or cleaning agent. This belt comes in variable sizes as Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The Telebrands Royal Posture Pakistan can be purchased exclusively from the official franchise of Telebrands Pakistan.

    How to the Telebrands Pakistan Royal Posture?

    All the users can easily wear this belt. Please go through the following lines for more information on this topic:

    1. First of all, you have to open all the straps and make sure that no straps is tightened enough.
    2. Please note that you can wear the belt under your clothes or over your clothes, as per your requirement.
    3. In the next step, you have to put this belt over your back as you would normally wear a vest. After wearing the vest, you have to fasten the Velcro strap that is provided with the belt.
    4. You can also adjust the shoulder straps as per your requirement.
    5. Please note that do not attempt to tight the straps too much, as it will cause you problems later on.
    6. After you have worn and adjust the belt, it is better to look at the mirror to see any further improvements.
    7. You are done!

    Additional Specifications of the Telebrands Royal Posture in Pakistan:

    1. Multipurpose belt that gently supports your backbone, neck and lower shoulder
    2. It helps to reduce the muscle pain
    3. It improves the circulation of blood
    4. Can be worn over or under the clothes
    5. Virtually undetectable
    6. Made from a blend of neoprene, polyester and cotton
    7. Washable
    8. Breathable
    9. Air Dry
    10. Comes with adjustable straps

    Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Royal Posture:

    1. Pattern: Nude
    2. Fill Material: Nylon/Neoprene/Cotton
    3. Age Group: Adult
    4. Color: Beige
    5. Dimensions: 13 x 3 x 31 cm (Length x Width x Height)
    6. Weight: 140 Grams

    What is in the Box?

    1 x Royal Posture Belt

    Important Note: Rs.200 delivery charges are also applied on the product.

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