Naked Nails - Manicure Tool

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Naked Nails - Manicure Tool

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It is a fact that a lot of individuals are not blessed with soft and glowing skin. This is so, because a number of individuals have rough and hard callous
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    It is a fact that a lot of individuals are not blessed with soft and glowing skin. This is so, because a number of individuals have rough and hard callous skin on their feet and palms. In order to soften such areas, Online shopping store of Telebrands Pakistan has taken an initiative and come with a solution as the Naked Nails. The Naked Nails is basically an electronic manicure tool designed to use by both men and women. One of the best things about the Telebrands Naked Nails is that you can get your desired beautiful nails without the use of any harmful chemical polishes.

    The Naked Nails Manicure Electronic tools will get you the same result that you want from the saloon. The gadget comes with six different attachments including, two file attachments, two buff attachments and two shine attachments.  The file attachment is used to give shape of your nails, the buffing attachment is used to smooth out the rough edges and the shine attachment is used to add shine to your nails. With the help of this useful gadget, you can file, buff or shine your nails in the best possible manner right in your home. This electronic manicure tool is powered by two AA Size batteries.

    Now you don’t need to spend thousands of Rupees by visiting expensive salons in your area; because the same purpose can now be fulfilled in your homes without charging any extra money. The machine works at two different speed intensity levels as low and high. You can select any speed interval as per your convenience. Now, you don’t wait to have the natural looking fingers and freshly pampered skin of your feet and hands by using the Telebrands Naked Nails.

    How to use the Naked Nails?

    The overall use and working of this device is quite simple and easy.

    1. In the very first step, you have to open the lower cover of the device and insert the two AA size batteries in the correct polarities
    2. In the second step; you have to slide the battery holder cover to its place
    3. In the next step; you have to remove the protective cover case from the attachment assembly
    4. Now, add any attachment on the attachment assembly from fine, buff or shine attachments
    5. In the next step; you have to switch on the machine by pressing the ON button. Adjust the speed intensity with the same button
    6. Now apply the attachment gently on the fingers of your hands and feet
    7. When you are finished, do not forget to manually clean the Naked Nails from the remnant of nails
    8. Remove the battery
    9. You are done!

    Additional Specifications of the Telebrands Naked Nails:

    1. Comes with 2 file, 2 buffing and 2 shine attachments
    2. Absolutely gentle on nails
    3. Works at two different speeds as Low and High
    4. Works with batteries
    5. Simple and easy to use

    What is in the Box?

    1 x Naked Nails Main Assembly

    6 x Attachments

    1 x Instruction Manual

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