Massage Brush

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Massage Brush

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Did you often feel that your head feels like it has been through a wringer, especially at the end of the day? Intense working pressure, busy environment and intense concentration
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    Did you often feel that your head feels like it has been through a wringer, especially at the end of the day? Intense working pressure, busy environment and intense concentration are some of the chief reasons for such heavy feelings. A lot of individuals prefer the massaging of the head to unburden themselves. Some massaging methods including the manual process, while other use the full automatic machine technology as the Telebrands Massage Brush. This massager will ease the pressure points of the head that results in calm and relaxation in the end. Apart from the head, this massager also helps to provide relief the muscles of neck and shoulder.

    The Telebrands Massage Brush helps to improve the general well-being by the principle of reflexology and acupressure. The results of the recent study reports further revealed that head massage helps in the secretion of certain toxic chemical compounds in the body, including serotonins and endorphins. Both of these chemicals are chiefly responsible in reducing stress and to lift your mood, and thus results in mental relaxation.

    The Telebrands Massage Brush not only assists in relaxation of the body’s muscles, but it is equally effective for the reduction of mental stress and anxiety, a major cause of headaches. This multipurpose massager helps to nourish the hair follicles by stimulating the circulation of blood. This remedy is equally effective to cover the problem of hair loss, a common, natural and inherent problem for men and women. You can even use this massager to overcome the problem of post-surgery swelling on the part of your head.

    The Telebrands Massage Brush also helps to increase the quantity of oxygen, reducing hair loss and improving the eye sight of an individual. As we already know that the chief symptoms of pain associated with the complex chemical changes in the brain. The tension caused by the headaches is associated with the certain Neurochemicals in the brain. The changes in the Neurochemicals lead to the medium or low-level headache. The Massage Brush works to minimize the stress-level by calming the tense nerves of the head and shoulder region.

    The Telebrands Massage Brush is suitable for all individuals from every walk of life, whether you are a student, professor, office executive or shop owner; you wouldn’t find any other thing better than this massager to relieve yourselves. The Massage Brush can easily be purchased from the office of Telebrands Pakistan. In order to provide more flexibility to our valued clients, Telebrands Pakistan has introduced customer service department for the same purpose.

    How to use the Telebrands Massage Brush?

    This user-friendly massager can be used with the help of the following mentioned steps:

    1. In the first step, you have to insert the two AAA batteries in the correct polarities. Always try to use the quality known brands of the batteries
    2. In the next step, you have to switch on the device by pressing the power button
    3. Now the massager has been switched on and now you can use it on your head
    4. Use the Massage Brush until you feel cool, relaxed and calm
    5. You have successfully used the Telebrands Massage Brush

    Additional Specification of the Telebrands Massage Brush:

    1. Multipurpose Anti-static hair massaging brush
    2. Helps to improve the flow of blood in the body
    3. Helps to minimize the stress level
    4. Provide relief from migraines and headaches
    5. Helps to strengthen the roots of the hair
    6. Compact and portable
    7. Crafted from the highest quality materials
    8. Comes with two speed levels
    9. Durable

    Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Massage Brush:

    1. Material: ABS Plastic
    2. Powered By: 2 AA Batteries
    3. Dimensions: 23.5 x 7 cm (L x W)
    4. Weight: 0.13 KG
    5. Available Color: Black

    What is in the Box of the Telebrands Massage Brush?

    1 x Massage Brush

    (Batteries not Included in the Package)

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