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Magic Hose

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The Telebrands Magic Hose is a new revolutionary hose that you have perhaps never seen and heard of before. The Magic hose can expand up to 3 times from its
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    The Telebrands Magic Hose is a new revolutionary hose that you have perhaps never seen and heard of before. The Magic hose can expand up to 3 times from its original length and it can easily contract back to its previous length in no time. This distinctive feature makes the magic hose as the entirely different and unique hose from the traditional garden hose. The hose is made from the flexible rubber tube that is sealed by webbing. With the pressure of the water, the length and width of the pipe increases up to 3 times than its contracted length.

    The magic hose is equipped with a powerful sprayer that can spray the water at an impressive speed and pressure. The spray gun can be started with the help of the trigger that is mounted on it. The new Telebrands magic hose is very compact, lightweight and doesn’t require a lot of space for the storage. Instead, you can fold the hose easily and then place it under the bed or even in the cupboard. Now you do not need to purchase the larger length household rubber pipes for huge amounts, as you can fulfill the same purpose the same purpose with the help of Telebrands Magic Hose.

    The best thing about the magic hose is that it wouldn’t kink or twists during the use. So you do not have to manually open the entanglement of the pipe each time that you frequently encountered with the traditional rubber pipes. The magic hose does not need the separate power supply for its operation and it works by simply connecting to the standard water tap threads. This water hose works best with the heavy pressurized water taps. The possibilities of the Telebrands Magic Hose are endless.

    You can wash your car, bike to remove the rugged stains or you can simply use the magic hose to blast sway the heavy deposits of dust and dirt from the sideways and driveways. You can also use the hose for gardening purposes as well. The magic hose is manufactured from the highest quality material that will ensure that this product will definitely last longer than the other standard hoses available in the market. The magic hose is equipped with a durable shut-off valve that can be installed with coupling. If you really want to explore the additional possibilities by ordering the Telebrands Magic Hose right now!

    How to use the Telebrands Magic Hose?

    1. First of all, you have to check the female cable prior hooking it up. After that you can hook pipe end to the water tap. Firmly attach the connector to the water tap to prevent any leakage during the cleaning operation
    2. Attach the female end to the water tap by just slightly twisting plastic part and use the metal part
    3. The quality of cleaning operation can further be increased by improving the quality of spray nozzle
    4. Try not to manually stretch the magic hose when empty. You just have to turn on the supply of the tap water and the hose will start to expand automatically
    5. Once the magic hose is fully expanded, then you can use the valve to start cleaning operation
    6. Turn off the valve when finished
    7. The hose will automatically shrink back to its original size
    8. Try not to leave the water on, when the hose is not in use
    9. Always try to drain the hose completely when finished
    10. The hose is designed to use with the normal tap water and not with the hot water. As the hot water might cause damage to the stretching of hose
    11. You are done!

    Additional Features of the Telebrands Magic Hose:

    1. Airtight sealed connectors
    2. length of 50 Feet : price Rs. 2000
    3. length of 100 Feet : price Rs. 2500
    4. length of 150 Feet : price Rs. 3000
    5. Tangle, twist and kink-resistant
    6. Can expand up to 3x from its original length in seconds
    7. Automatically contracts back to its original contracted size in seconds
    8. Ultra durable and durable finish

    Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Magic Hose:

    • Inner Material:  Rubber
    • Outer Material: Nylon webbing
    • Coupling Material: Metal
    • Coupling made from: Durable Plastic
    • Compatibility: Works with any standard water tap
    • Color Available: Blue

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