Hot Shapers Hot Shirt Cami

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Hot Shapers Hot Shirt Cami

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Hot Shapers Hot Shirt is a shirt designed for both men and women. This shirt helps to flatten the tummy area and abdomen just by wearing.   If you have
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    Hot Shapers Hot Shirt is a shirt designed for both men and women. This shirt helps to flatten the tummy area and abdomen just by wearing.  

    If you have fatter tummy, then you cannot wear your desired clothes that you like to use on any occasion. This situation could be really annoying for anybody regardless of its sex and age. This shirt is basically designed for both males and females. The Telebrands Hot Shapers Cami shirt is not an ordinary shirt, this shirt is designed to smooth out your tummy and help you to achieve the desired figure. This shirt is made from innovative NEOTEX fabric. The main characteristic of this fabric is that heat up your body while in contact. This best thing about this shirt is that it can be worn just like the ordinary shirt and it doesn’t involve any difficulty at all.

    The Telebrands Hot Shapers Cami Shirt provides compression in 5 different zones. All these five zones are responsible mostly the problematic area for a majority of individuals that includes back fat and love handles. This shirt will help you to heat up your body and that result in excessive sweating. This sweating comes from the burning of fat deposits and ultimately your body gets to its original position. The best thing about this shirt is that the internal layer helps to increase the internal temperature of the body, while its external layer is super absorbent. It sucks all the moisture from the internal layer and as a result your body remains dry.

    The Telebrands Hot Shapers Shirt not only helps to slim the tummy, but the shirt for women also helps to support the breast of the wearer. It helps to position your breast in the best possible and natural way without making you feel constricted. Furthermore, this Cami Shirt also allows free movement of the body without any restriction. This Telebrands Hot Shapers Hot Cami shirt is very comfortable and even the wearer can forget at times that she is wearing a shirt like this. This is the reason that this breathable shirt can easily be worn all day long without any problem.

    As mentioned above that this shirt is designed mainly for both males and females, so both can now wear their desired tight clothing without any complication. The Telebrands Hot Shapers Cami Shirt is washable. All users can wash this shirt by immersing the shirt in cool water and mild detergent. This comfortable and stretchable shirt excellently molds with the shape of your body. Moreover, this shirt can even be worn during the workout.

    The Telebrands Hot Shapers Hot Shirt is an ideal shirt for busy moms, sportsmen, students, businessmen, working women and all those men and women who want to get slimmer figure without the trouble of workout. This shirt can be purchased from the official franchise of Telebrands Pakistan Lahore. All the interested parties can place their order by calling to the number 0333-4115583 or by ordering their desired products on the official website of Telebrands.

    How to wear the Hot Shapers Hot Cami Shirt?

    This shirt is very easy to wear. You just have to wear this shirt just like you wear the ordinary shirt and after that you can wear your shirt or clothes over this shirt.

    Additional Features of the Telebrands Pakistan Hot Shapers Hot Cami Shirt:

    1. This shirt helps you make your tummy trimmer
    2. Helps to lose your weight
    3. Slim waist line
    4. Separate shirt for men and separate shirt for women
    5. Helps to increase the core temperature of the body
    6. Improves the overall health of the individual
    7. Helps to tighten tummy
    8. Made from durable and patented NEOTEX fabric
    9. Washable
    10. Clinically proven to sweat
    11. Helps to maximize the routines of fitness

    Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Hot Shapers Cami Shirt:

    1. Weight: 150 Gram
    2. Available Color: Black

    What you will get in the Box?

    1 x Hot Shapers Hot Cami Shirt

    Note: Rs.200 delivery charges are also applied on the shipment of this product.

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