Go Belt

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Go Belt

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Telebrands Pakistan always brought you the products that provide ease and comfort in everyday life. Presently, Telebrands feels proud to offer a new quality product of its kind as the
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    Telebrands Pakistan always brought you the products that provide ease and comfort in everyday life. Presently, Telebrands feels proud to offer a new quality product of its kind as the Go Belt. Go Belt is a revolutionary belt that has totally changed the concept of traditional stretchable belts of various types. Telebrands Go Belt is basically a stretchable belt that is usually worn on the stomach and shoulder areas. This unique and stretchy belt can safely and securely hold all your important electrical gadgets, important documents, currency and other stuff in its large stretchable zipper pockets.

    You just have to place all your important stuff in the pouches and then close the zipper to secure it. Now you do not need to hold all the important documents or gadgets in your hands, instead the same purpose can now be fulfilled by Telebrands Go Belt. You wouldn’t find another belt in this capacity that holds all your accessories on the go. The Go Belt is perhaps the ultimate solution for all those individuals who spent a most of the time on their feet.

    The best thing about the Go Belt is that it can be easily fitted around on your waist by leaving your hands free, so you can perform other tasks on the go. For more comfort, the Go Belt is tailored with a dedicated reflective tape that glows in the nighttime. It means you can easily use the Go Belt in dark hours or at night time. The discreet pouches of the Go Belt can hold dozens of accessories at one time.

    The Telebrands Go Belt comes with a two expandable pockets and both have an ample space to accommodate general everyday items like cards, cash, passport, mp3 player, iPods and wallet. You can even place your expensive and oversized smartphones too in the large expandable pocket. If you don’t like to show your belt to other people, then you can even wear this belt under your clothes for a more discreet look.

    The Telebrands Go Belt is trustworthy and reliable travelling, hiking and camping companion. You can even use the belt during driving a car or bike. You can use the belt almost anytime and virtually in almost any place. The Go Belt easily fits waist sizes ranges from 24 inches to 50 inches, which usually fits men and women of all ages. The go belt can easily be clean with the help of cold water. You can also add mild detergent, if needed so.

    Telebrands Go Belt is currently available on the official website of Telebrands Pakistan. In order to place your order, you have to dial our customer service number 0333-4115583 or you can also use our online portal for this purpose as well.

    How to use the Telebrands Go Belt?

    You can easily use the Telebrands Go Belt with the help of following steps:

    1. In the first step, you have to open the clip of the go belt
    2. In the next step, you have to mount the go belt on your shoulder or your waist
    3. In the third step, you have to tight the clip of the belt that suits your waist and physique
    4. Now you are ready to pour any accessories in the zipper
    5. You are done!

    Additional Specifications of Telebrands Go Belt:

    1. Secure important document and valuables
    2. Hands-free design
    3. Lightweight, stylish, sleek and portable
    4. Equipped with 2 zippered stretchable pockets
    5. Instantly expands and contracts
    6. Discreet design
    7. Reflective tape on zipper for use in nighttime
    8. Can be used on the go
    9. Suitable for several outdoor activities
    10. Washable
    11. Easily fits waist up to 61 cm to 127 cm

    Technical Specifications of the Telebrands Go Belt:

    1. Material: Nylon, Elastine
    2. Weight: 0.064 KG
    3. Fits minimum Waist: 28 Inches or 61 cm
    4. Fits maximum Waist: 46 Inches 127 cm
    5. Dimensions: 330 x 45 x 18 mm (W x H x D)

    What you will get with the Telebrands Go Belt?

    1 x Go Belt

    Note: Additional delivery charges are applied amounting to Rs. 200.

     آرڈر کرنے  اور مزید تفصیل کے لئے مندرجہ ذیل نمبروں پر کال کریں

    0321.4115583  - 0333.4115583

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