Foot and Leg Massager

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Foot and Leg Massager

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Life is moving at a fast rate and it has also disturbed our daily routine in a bad manner. This phenomenon has caused mental stress and depression among individuals. For
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    Life is moving at a fast rate and it has also disturbed our daily routine in a bad manner. This phenomenon has caused mental stress and depression among individuals. For such depressed individuals, Telebrands Pakistan has brought a new, versatile machine "Foot and Leg Massager".

    The foot and leg massager is also known as the foot and calf massager in some countries including Pakistan. it is the simplest, quickest and cheapest way to relax the sore and tired foot and calf muscles. This versatile machine can help to soothe your muscles that results in deep relaxation. Moreover, this massager also helps to improve the blood circulation, boosts the energy level and can provide instant relief from pain.

    Now you do not need to spend thousands of rupees in the massaging gym or sauna gym to calm your tired, sore and fatigue muscles. The same requirement can now be accomplished through the Foot and leg massager. Normally, all the massagers in this category come with an option of automatic and manual, but the foot and calf massager comes with the 3 vibration mode.

    Users can choose the intensity of the vibration according to their mode of requirement. These tri-vibration modes stimulate all the reflex points under your feet. As a result, you will feel the ultimate peace of mind each time you use the device. The massager can be used at home whenever you need to relax your muscles.

    Its powerful kneading and vibrating massage will give you the instant results. The foot and leg massager is a portable device and it can be used to almost any workplace or living place that has an electric socket. Because of its numerous benefits, it can be considered as an ideal machine for diabetes patients, expected women’s and all those individuals who have to stand on their feet for longer durations. For hygienic purposes, the massager is accompanied by a detachable soft cloth. This soft cloth can be washed if required. Try to use the mild detergent and lukewarm water to wash the cloth.

    How to use the Foot and Leg Massager:

    You can use the massager by the following steps:

    • First of all, you have to place the device on the floor and balance it by using the opening the lower stand of the device. You can find the stand on the downward side of the device
    • In the next step, you have to plug the socket of the device in the electric socket
    • Now you are ready for the massage. Gently place your calf and foot in the massager
    • Now, switch on the massager and adjusts the vibrating speed of the massager that suits your need
    • Continue to use the massager for at least 15 minutes or so. The device will automatically shut-off after the 15 minutes. So, you wouldn’t need to shut the device manually
    • You will feel the ultimate sense of relaxation in just a couple of minutes
    • You can use the device more than once in a day

    Additional Features of the Foot and Calf Massager:

    • Effectively massages your feet and calf
    • Three intensity settings
    • Auto-shutdown feature after 15 minutes
    • Detachable fabric cover for hygienic purposes
    • Helps to provide relief from knee, foot and ankle injuries
    • Soften the calluses
    • Reduces the effect of depression, tension, hypertension and nervousness
    • Improve the circulation of blood with the help of roller therapy
    • Ergonomic and adjustable footrest
    • Comes with 2 detachable fabrics
    • Helps to alleviate the several women related symptoms as the menopause, edema and Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
    • Work with 220V
    • Power: 60 Watt

    Package Includes:

    1 x Foot and Leg Massager

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