Mobile Watch GT08

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Mobile Watch GT08

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Mobile watches are the most wearable gadgets nowadays. People often prefer to wear these gadgets for numerous reasons and perhaps the most important reason is that it can perform the
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    Mobile watches are the most wearable gadgets nowadays. People often prefer to wear these gadgets for numerous reasons and perhaps the most important reason is that it can perform the basic functionality of an android or apple based smartphone. Some of the watches are GSM enabled; means users can put a SIM in the device to use it like a standard mobile phone. Telebrands Pakistan is a well-known company in the Pakistani market and it doesn’t need any introduction at all. Now Telebrands Pakistan has come up with a quality smartwatch of its type as the Telebrands Bluetooth Smartwatch GT 08.

    The Telebrands Bluetooth Smartwatch GT 08 is basically a Bluetooth enabled smartwatch that has all the basic functionality of a standard-level smartphone. This watch has an option of GSM through which users can put their SIM card to enjoy its radio functions. This watch can make/receive calls and message just like the standard phone. In fact, the watch can act as a fully functional 2G phone when the user inserts the SIM card in the device.

    The Telebrands Bluetooth Smart mobile watch GT 08 is equipped with 1.54 inches capacitive touch screen that has a fair enough high resolution. This display size is in fact quite reasonable for a wearable gadget like this. The touch screen is high responsive and it can even detect the slightest tap on the screen by the user. Users can easily type a message or dial the required number just by tapping on the screen. This feature offers much convenience to the users as the user can still use the functions of the phone even if his/her smartphone battery is dead.

    This is not enough; this smartwatch has got more than you even think of. The Telebrands Bluetooth Smartwatch GT 08 has a dedicated audio and video player and FM Radio to make sure that its user doesn’t get bored for a long time. Furthermore, the smartwatch features the cutting edge Anti-Lost function, Calendar and Remote capturing feature. This internet enabled smartwatch has also features the internet; so users can also enjoy the connection of the internet on the go.

    As far as the memory options are concerned; the smartwatch has an option of memory card through which users can increase the memory of the device up to 32 GB via its slot. The Telebrands Bluetooth Smartwatch GT 08 Pakistan comes with a dedicated Mini USB cable. All the users can use this USB cable to retrieve all the stored data and to charge the device. Please note that the watch can get completely charged in about 20 minutes maximum. It means that you do not have to exceed this time in any case; as it will lead to bad impact on the device.

    The Telebrands Bluetooth Smartwatch GT08 Pakistan can be a perfect gadget for students, businessmen, housewives, teachers, salesmen, marketers and individuals from any walk of life that frequently uses the phone on the go. This multipurpose watch can be ordered exclusively from the official office of Telebrands Pakistan just by using the portal of website or just by calling at 0333-4115583.

     How to use the Telebrands Bluetooth Smartwatch GT08?

    Please go through the following lines for further reference on this topic:
    1. First of all; you have to charge the smartwatch according to the above mentioned method of charging
    2. In the next step, you have to insert the SIM card and memory card by removing its back cover
    3. Now, you have to switch on the device by pressing the power button for at least 2-3 seconds
    4. After switching on the watch will go to the home screen
    5. Now you have to swipe left or right to get the menu
    6. In order to switch off the device, press the power button again for 1-2 seconds and you will get a confirmation message for shutting down the device. Press the yes button and that’s all.
    7. You are done
    Additional Features of Pakistan Bluetooth Smart mobile watch GT08:
    1. Full functionality of a standard mobile phone including messaging, calls and caller ID’s
    2. Equipped with larger size 1.5 Inch touch screen
    3. Anti Lost function
    4. Remote Capture
    5. Bluetooth
    6. Audio Video Player
    7. FM Radio
    8. Rechargeable Battery
    9. Memory card option
    10. Smart and stylish design
    Technical Specifications of the Bluetooth Smart mobile watch GT08 Pakistan:
    1. Screen Size: 1.54 Inches
    2. Dimensions: 1.89 x 1.57 x 0.46 Inches (Length x Width x Height)
    3. Weight: 58 Grams
    What is in the Package? 1 x Bluetooth Smartwatch GT 08 1 x Mini USB Cable 1 x Instruction Manual   [wpforms id="5330" title="true"]

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